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Gmund Award - Bester Naturpapierdrucker 2017

DESIGN - Second place for Ellijot - Prein und Weber GbR, Nuremberg

Category Design - Second place for Ellijot - Prein und Weber GbR, Nuremberg

Project: Brochure

Paper: Gmund Colors Matt 54, 300 g/m², Gmund Colors Matt 55, 300 g/m², Gmund Original Tactile Blanc in 170 g/m²

Printing technique: Offset printing, hot foil stamping

Process: Thread stitching

Text: Kristin Koopmann, Hamburg
Translation: Isabelle Wolf, Edinburgh
Photography: EyeCandy, Berlin
Printing: NovaDruck Goppert GmbH, Nürnberg
Foil embossing: effektiv Druck+Veredelung OHG, Fürth
Special thanks to: Susanne Reinhard

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